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Geraldton Rugby has continued to grow over the years and we look forward to seeing our team and our community develop into the future. For information about our current Committee please have a look at our Committee page.


If you would like to join our team please contact our Club Secretary, Patrick Whitehouse. We always welcome new players, visitors and members of the community to join us at training and for our games. Geraldton Rugby Association proudly consists of teams for men, women, juniors and seniors. 


Contact details can be found here.


Our club motto focuses on targeting three areas in the following sequence:
Mind, Body & Spirit.


Believe - In a dream, in your talents, your abilities and the team.

Change - Attitudes, ethics, preparation and health.

Inspire - Teammates, family and the community.


Through this motto, we hope that every team member will have sense and trust that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE through teamwork, the right attitude and hard work.


With such a statement, as a club, we will incorporate these pillars into the training, social events, future development, community programs on and off the field.


“Believe. Change. Inspire.”


"Believe. Change. Inspire."

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